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Favorite Places

Ask me about my favorite place and I will tell you that it is always the last one I visited! There are adventures, encounters, explorations, and exciting events that I share in photographs, stories, and detailed journals. Contact me for information about:

Africa & The Middle East
Jordan Morocco
Rwanda Tanzania
Egypt Madagascar Namibia South Africa Zimbabwe

Bhutan Hong Kong Mongolia Sikkim Tibet
Cambodia India Myanmar Singapore Turkey
China Japan Nepal Thailand Vietnam

Austria Finland Italy Spain Wales
Czech Republic France Norway Sweden  
Denmark Greece Portugal Switzerland  
England Hungary Russia Turkey (istanbul)  

North America
Canada Mexico United States    
Alberta Baja California Alabama Illinois New Mexico
British Columbia Guerrero Alaska Louisiana New York
Ontario Jalisco Arizona Maine Oklahoma
  Oaxaca California Massachusetts Oregon
  Quintana Roo Colorado Mississippi South Carolina
  Sinaloa Florida Montana Vermont
  Yucatan Georgia Nevada Virginia
    Hawaii New Hampshire Washington

South and Central America
Belize Bolivia Ecuador Galapagos Peru

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