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Photographer's statement

I love capturing the moment. The focus on a particular face, or flower, or tree, or street scene brings me a sense of heightened awareness, of connection. Often, an adrenaline surge that suspends time totally in the present. Just for this moment, I feel a deep bond with what I see, hear, smell and feel.

Although I cherish nature, especially flowers and trees, and beautiful and historic places, the last few years have seen a shift in my subject matter to include many more faces. I have been fortunate to be able to travel, and to meet many people of different cultures, religions, and ways of living. Some of this has happened through my membership in the Friendship Force and Soroptimist International, and some by introduction or chance, a combination of planning and being open to the moment.

Anita Brace

While some of my subjects were unaware of my focus, many more of them have shared the moment knowingly, often generously, giving me the opportunity to record and share a tiny bit of their lives in a simple and direct way. In the words of Tony Armstrong-Jones, “I believe that photographs should be simple technically, and easy to look at. . . . their point should be to make people react - to laugh, or to see something they hadn’t taken in before, or to be touched..”.

Each photographic experience is a learning one for me, and an important memory. I care deeply about the people and places that are represented in my work. I hope it shows.

Photographer's  Resume

Huntington Beach, California
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